Saturday, May 21, 2016

Muslims are not terrorists

By Maria Charbel

My short video is entitled “Muslims are not terrorists” I have decided to call it that because that’s the truth; Islam is a religion that preaches peace not terrorism. My video is 1 minute 45 seconds long; it starts with a phrase we are all hearing it lately which is “Muslim are terrorists” then I added some pictures of mosques and the picture of Al Kaaba to symbolize Islam. To illustrate what I was talking about, I took some parts of videos I found on Youtube were Westerns call Muslims terrorists but after that I decided to prove them wrong and show them the opposite, show them what Islam is all about. So, I shot 2 small scenes were a Muslim girl comes to visit a Christian girl on Easter; and this scene shows how tolerant, accepting and caring they are. Then, I decided to ask some Muslims girls to complete this sentence “I’m Muslim but I’m not...” after that I ended my video with a small message that came from me, wishing people would stop this racism and stop being judgemental.
This video allowed me to show to everybody that Islam isn’t a religion of terrorism, as many people attack it; Islam is a religion that worships peace. Many people claim that Islam teaches people to be aggressive, selfish and does not accept other religions. However, the main approaches of Islam are generosity and forgiveness that are considered the main principles of peace. The message that I want to deliver through this video was a shout out to the entire world, and especially a shout out from Muslims. We are all tired of Muslims being judged by actions they didn’t even have to do with it. People are becoming so ignorant nowadays; they are becoming so fanatic and intolerant. So, this video was a shout out for all the people to stop judging other religions and stop the racism, it was also an opportunity for Muslims to express their feelings towards their religion. Muslims got the chance to explain and to tell people that they aren’t aggressive nor angry and most importantly they are not Terrorists.  In addition, Islam is a religion that preaches peace, it’s a religion that teaches people how to love and respect others. We all have to stop this and try to think about the future, we have to stop judging other religions and learn how to be united because whether you were Muslim, Christian or even Buddhist at the end we are all human beings.
I personally got the idea of doing this video after the incident of Ahmed Mohamed, the Muslim American kid that built a Clock and brought it to school and then the teacher thought it was a bomb. Since that time, I decided that I had to do something to show the opposite of what most of the people are thinking, I was so shocked by this movement that I kept thinking about it until I got the chance to realise it in this course. In addition, a lot of other videos that we see on the news of how people and especially western accuse Muslims of being terrorists. As a non-Muslim girl, all these videos got me so angry when I watched them, that’s why I decided to react and this final project was a chance for me to express my opinion towards this big issue.
My name is Maria Charbel, I am 19 years old and I come from Lebanon. I have studied in a French school called “Lycee Louis Massignon” and now I am currently studying at the American university in Dubai majoring in Journalism and minoring in DPST. I love to play Basketball and dance and after taking this course I became interested in studying more about calligraphy especially after watching El Seed’s art.
Finally, Muslims are definitely not Terrorists; people should start differentiating between real terrorists and Islam. Islam is a religion that worships peace; it’s about generosity, tolerance and caring. This should come to an end; we can all stop this racism only if we stand all together, united.



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