Saturday, May 21, 2016

What Peace is all About

By Majd Al Achkar

This is my illustration of what peace is all about, it is about standing for what is right and not wrong, it is about speaking the truth and not lies, and it is about forming unity and not conflict. Peace is the one bright light that shines through all dark days. It is a must to have in everyone’s heart, that it may one day heal a persons troubled conflicts. What I tried to show in my art, is that peace is a strong message and it takes one person to make a difference, that is why I illustrated an arm holding on to peace, while the surrounding conflicts doesn’t agree. The rest with evil intent are against peace, and will obviously silence them, but it takes more than one person to suppress peace, as shown there are four hand figures against one. This shows the strength of peace against unimaginable odds against it, yet it still stands for what is right and truthful. The hand figure is used instead of a human figure because I want to show that it can be anonymous to fight for peace, and be any person with that way of thinking.

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