Friday, May 20, 2016

Al Salam

By Israa Darwish

In this painting, the two men have two completely different situations. The first man is simply praying and trying to get closer to God for maintaining his inner peace. The second is an old man whose life is one of those poor and exhaustive lives. This man is terribly in need of a shelter that can embrace and free him from all of the discomforting ideas and worries, and it seems to be found already. The two men are of different skin tones but this is completely neglected because Islam is a religion of equality and fairness. I used verses "ayat" from the holy Qur'an that mentioned peace to stabilize our thoughts about peace in Islam. The first aya is about the different names of God and one of these names is "AL SALAM" which is "THE PEACE''. The second is asking believers to come in with peace, while the third reveals the source of peace which is heaven.

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