Thursday, May 19, 2016

I am Muslim

By Amina Nassar

When we think of Peace the first thing that comes in mind are the wars that are happening around us, specifically in the middle east. We always think about if from the outer part, but we never paid attention to what or whom is mainly causing some of the countries collapses, and that all the wars that are happening in the Arab World is people having different believes and ideas, and are not accepting others point of views. That’s why in my Art project I would like to put a spotlight on this specific problem, and try to solve or or at least send a message to the audience that if we unite as a country it would be easy for us to fight our enemies, rather than fighting ourselves.
My idea for the art project will revolve around the importance of equality between the different Islamic sects ex: Shiites and Sunnis, and conveying the message of having a harmonized perception of how we look at both religious sects. Religions have been segmented by the people rather than understanding their true intentions of worshiping one God and one Prophet. If we breakdown the imaginary border between Shiites and Sunnis people will live in peace. Like I mentioned in my introduction, our enemies would find it easy to enter a country who’s people aren’t united. Unfortunately, that is what’s happening in our world now.

 Thinking of this idea made me curious to look for artists who have the same concept I want my art project to be about, and after researching and not really finding a true inspiration, I remembered that I have met a true inspiration artist in Salsali Private museum at Al-Serkal He is a Palestinian artist called hazem Harb who’s latest work consisted of different collage art works.   His style in art is the Contemporary art , abstract. When I spoke to him, I felt that he is passionate about his art work, and feels that to be seen you should always be unique. He showed me his work and I was truly proud that we have rising Arab artists that we as Arabs could be proud of. After I left him I went back home to search more about him, from how I was interesting in his work, I read a lot about him, and he is definitely one of my favorite rising artists. That’s why I am happy that I doing my art work something close to this talented artist.

My idea is to create my visual image on a white canvas and to portrait two opposing faces in one body the faces will consist of different images to create a collage, one face will have ( I am Shia) and the other will have I am Sunni. The images will consist of different people and symbols of each sect. The overall message is to show how these seemingly opposing sides in actuality are one entity. I hope with this small art piece my message will be clear to the audience and people would understand the concept of the art piece. 

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