Sunday, April 5, 2015


 Rashid Bin Haider

A3 (29.7 x 42.0 cm) 
Calligraphy; ink on paper

One of the many misconceptions about Islam, and one of the most common misconceptions, is the belief that Islam is a religion of violence and terrorism, that it is in no way a religion of peace. This particular misconception is created and strengthened by the violent acts perpetrated by men and women in various acts of terrorism and bloodshed, who perverted Islam with radical ideologies. This misconception is also reinforced through people’s cultural ignorance, people who don’t try to understand what Islam truly is about.. 

My art piece is a reiteration of the fact that Islam is a religion of peace. The piece uses a freestyle method of Arabic calligraphy. The strokes of the Arabic letters draw inspiration from the works of Hassan Massoudy and Julien Breton, artists who are well known calligraphers who use freestyle calligraphy in their artworks. The calligraphy is written on a sheet of glossy paper to help achieve those long and large ink strokes. 

To create the calligraphy I mainly use an unorthodox manner of using Styrofoam board to write as well as paint brushes. I’ve used the color blue to give the calligraphy a heavenly feeling, as it is the same color as the sky where heaven and God dwell, as well as emphasizing that the written word is the word of God. Alongside the calligraphy is a specific verse from the Qur'an (Al Ma’idah, verse 16) that specifically emphasizes that as Muslims, once we’ve taken up Islam, we must follow God’s direction as a peaceful people and community.
I am Emirati born, however I grew up in an English-speaking environment. I am currently a student in AUD. I enjoy art. I have a love of popular culture (comics, films, animation) and admire the art done my artists in the entertainment industry that help to create these products of pop culture.

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