Monday, April 20, 2015

About Islamic Arts

Mohammad Khallouf

My art project topic is Islamic Art and Figurative Images, I’m going to discuss what Islamic art is and the misconception of using figurative images in Islam, when can you use figurative images and when you can’t. And for that I’ll show a sample I drew of a figurative art image. I’ll talk about how Muslims expressed themselves and their expressions by calligraphy, how calligraphy plugged all parts of Islamic artworks, and for that I have calligraphy samples painted by me or created with a program. Also, Arabesque is the epitome of Islamic art, and Architecture is one of the most important art forms in Islam, embodying the strictness, simplicity and purity of its edicts, for that I designed two mosque on a program to show how Islam mosques are decorated in different styles (I have two renders, the others are not yet finished). Finally I’ll be talking about the art of city planning, Muslims perfected this art. They studied their space within the city and designed the places for the buildings fulfilling their community’s spiritual, physical and aesthetic needs. And handicraft Art is not to be separated from handicraft in Islamic art, where artisan and artist are one because each article produced requires artistic creativity as well as professional skill.

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