Thursday, April 2, 2015

It should be a choice!

Berta Farah

This artwork was inspired by the fact that I was living in Saudi and went through their inequality laws towards women and suppression. What made living there harder is that I was a Christian living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Other than the laws of driving and covering, I was suppressed from my own religion. I was not allowed to wear a cross, go to church nor have a bible. This poster though was created to support all women going through the struggle of harsh laws in Saudi Arabia. I believe in letting a person do as they believe, because when you don’t give someone a choice and force them to do something it would make them hate it instead of make the best of it. Another reason I created this piece is because I don’t believe in mixing religion and government laws, why would someone force someone to put a veil? I woman, just like a man, can make her own decisions and can act properly and politely without being forced to wear a veil. A woman doesn’t have to have a veil on or a Nikab to be faithful in her religion; her faith doesn’t necessarily depend on something she wears, it about her faith in God and how she appreciates Gods creations and help. This print just states the obvious of what females think in Saudi, by saying that If a woman would want to wear a hijab or nikab it should be out of her faith and completely her choice it shouldn’t be a governments law and be forced on her.

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