Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Age Mosque

Sterlin Sebastian

A typical mosque in today's world consists of a Dome, Minaret, prayers halls, etc..
One might even say Domes and Minarets are the most important structures in a mosque. My project is to disagree with such a stereotype that rises so often. I believe that these two structures are not useful to a mosque. I have designed a minimalistic mosque sticking to the simple concept of a mosque: non ornamentation and simplicity.

I have completely removed the dome and minaret from the mosque. In today's technologically high developed world, speakers can be easily used instead of a minaret; minarets main purpose is to announce and call for the prayer. Now days, minarets are just a wasteful piece of construction without a use. We use speakers for that purpose now. Domes are adding to the ornamentation look in a mosque. Without the dome, the flat structure gives a more simple approach to the mosque. Without big chandeliers and extra ornamentation, I have made use of daylight to give more spiritual feeling inside the mosque; helps people focus on prying and give a spiritual feeling/religious feeling. I have induced natural night using strip openings on the ceiling to give a sense of calmness. The over all building is intentional extra simple in order to maintain the Islamic culture. 

ART WORK: I have made the drawings using Revit software. Every element in the picture was custom made from scratch in the software. Everything is my own interpretation and design.
The animation video was also made using Revit walkthrough.

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