Monday, June 8, 2015


By Hewad Gulbahar

My Islamic art project represents what Islam is really about, contradicting the stereotypes and misconceptions propagated by the Western media. Islam is not only a religion of peace, but so many other virtues. The premise on which all Islamic teachings are based are to explore oneself and Allah, and to become a better human being. Such is the character of the true Muslim, that he benefits everyone around him and never intends to harm anyone. I have chosen some of the virtues taught by Islam and represented the real and good side of Islam, which is all about being virtuous.  

 My artwork is influenced by many modern Islamist calligraphers and painters such as, Julien Bretun, El Seed, Hassan Masoudy, Abdul Qadir Al-Rais and some artists from the internet whose artwork could be found on the web but their identities are hard to trace. Their influence is mainly due to their contemporary element in their art, to which I can relate better. I also believe that one of the main problem that Muslims face is that in these modern times, they hardly have any new or contemporary references to showcase to the world, but only the older artworks in form of literature, paintings, etc.

The media I have chosen is the modern media form of printing for my project. This is because I feel there is a need to contribute to Islamic Art in the modern times.

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