Wednesday, June 10, 2015


 By Mohammed Ismail
For my project I needed to convey the message of Peace and Islam, therefore looking at some of the artistic mediums proceed in Islam. I have used both calligraphy and geometrical shapes as my main style to describe my title that is Peace. The dimension or scale of the artwork is 30cm x 42cm (A3), which can be enlarged easily, my way of media or my medium is Illustrator (Adobe software). I used it to design my artwork visually and graphically. My technique is Digital Designing as I have used to execute my artwork.  Technology has influenced me because it is the modern way to express art. The green star is an Islamic shape that I thought would be perfect to use in my artwork. Now we all know that Islam is a religion of Peace. But in Arabic there is a separate word for peace, which is called Salam or Salaam. It is used in greetings and sends a message of peace as one meets another or in another case wishes goodbye or farewell. Not a lot of people know that Salam means peace (Assalamualaikum which means the peace be upon you). The most astonishing part about this word is that it has the same meaning in most languages like for example Hindi, Urdu, Persian and obviously Arabic. Since learning the basics of Calligraphy and Islamic geometric patterns, I wondered that anyone has ever used these geometric shapes to show calligraphy, therefore I used Internet to know feather about it. Since I couldn’t find anything, I tried experimenting different shapes and colors and words, and after ware amount I choose stars as shapes and color gradient from yellow to red and used green for the word which opposite to red, similarly after looking at numerous words such as love god life, I choose something every Muslims uses on daily bases which was peace.

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