Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Salam Calligraphy

 By Hani Fayed

My artwork was based on a drawing that shows salam within a bird.
It shows that the bird is actually the peace itself.
You can see that the bird is made of the word salam in Arabic, and inside of it some of the 99 names of Allah are written.
The bird’s wing is made of the letter “L” in Arabic
The bird’s feather tail is made of the letter “S” in Arabic
Every time I look at it, I feel like I want to fly, when I look at it I see freedom, I see peace and innocence. Art can give different feelings to different personalities and people in general. To me this project gave me hope and made me look at birds in a different way. How I picked this idea at the first place was that I always thought of birds how they can go anywhere they want, how we see them going from a place to another wherever they want, whenever they want. So I thought of how peaceful they are and the freedom they have. So I wanted to relate it with Islam and make a beautiful piece out of it. I included some of the 99 names of the creator Allah inside the bird, and the reason behind this is I want everyone who looks at my artwork to look at the bird and then read the names of Allah so that they remember two things, that god is the creator of everything, and to remember that god is peaceful and merciful and that there are a lot of peaceful things in life and to take it further in life and think about peace and Islam together.

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