Monday, June 8, 2015

The peaceful Islam

By Aya Ahmed

I always thought about Islam and other religions, I wanted to see how as a Muslim I can apply peaceful Islam. With all these wars and media brain washing the youth, religion is becoming confusing and not helpful. Which made me think about why we actually have religion. I think religion is just a medium to communicate with God, he doesn’t care how you want to communicate as long as you actually communicate. The problem we are facing today has nothing to do with religion. It is mainly how we use religion. Unfortunately we tend to misuse and abuse religion. Everyone thinks his or her religion is right.
Now we are facing a lot of extremism because we forgot the main goal of religions which is to communicate with God.
In my art project I tried to reflect my ideas by an analogy that I came up with.
If we imagine that God is waiting for you at the mall and asking you to come see him. Would it matter how you go or the fact that you need to be there anyway?
It was never about the medium that you are going to use, it’s about how important it is for you to go in the first place.
In my analogy I picture Judaism as camel (like how people used to use them for transportation) since it’s the oldest compare to Islam and Christianity.
Then a bike that represents Christianity. Last but not least Islam as a car.
Now it’s up to you to use any one of them as a transportation (medium) as long as you are trying to reach for God.
Now in order to have a peaceful Islam, Muslims must not think that you can only go to the mall by car even if they think that it’s the “fastest or easiest” way to reach. When we all reach to that conclusion we will have not only a peaceful Islam but a peaceful world.

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