Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Islam is Peace

Islam is Peace   الإسلام هو السلام
And In Sujood I Found What I Lost – Peace   السلام  -  وفي السجود وجدت ما فقدت

By Saima Ghulam Farid

How many people today can understand the word peace or have it in them? The word peace has quite a few meanings like “tranquility” or “freedom from riot” and many more. Everyone has a different perspective and meaning to peace, it could be finding peace in nature, luxury, music, dance, society or worship. Although there are many forms of peace and of course different understanding of it by each individual, for me peace in life is the moment where I would find sense of comfort. Peace in my understanding is submitting myself to god, and prostrating. The line I used above and in sujood I found what I lost (peace) it is the most relaxing and peaceful moment and a simple act that I get to achieve 5 times a day. “Lengthen you sujood” said by Prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H), prostrating for a longer duration means more peace and time with the god letting go of all the worries and being in a more comforting state.

I was inspired by a lot of calligraphers like Jordan Jelev, Khalid Al Saai, Malikaans, and mainly by Hamza Abdelal. Hamza abdelal focuses on digital art which I find really interesting the way he mixes nature with calligraphy. He is a “Palestinian Jordanian artist who seeks to embody: human rights values and essence of freedom, through a form of expression”. I feel his work is very nice and meaningful I don’t know how well his work is recognized, but he’s done pretty good works.

I used contemporary art and I mixed calligraphy with pop art. I wanted to keep it simple but at the same time also show that peace does not mean you stick to a place and try finding peace with everything around you still and quiet. Peace is also a form of art letting go of all emotions and finding happiness and inner peace and yet things around you become more beautiful. I have painted the wings using watercolors. The reason why I made wings is to show freedom and I have painted the wings in opposite direction to show that there are no boundaries you go anywhere and you will find peace. I wrote peace in between the wings with a little calligraphy. Inside the wings I did paper cut collage using different colors to show the beauty of finding inner peace.


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