Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Bird


I chose to write a poem that reflects the meaning and the idea of peace in my point of view. My message is emphasizing on how peace takes different directions in life and to show that it is the most important element of humans’ needs.
Whenever we think about a symbol of peace, the first thing that comes to mind are birds. The reason behind this is that creatures from nature are living things that seem peaceful to us. Specially the bird, only few creatures seem as harmless as them. There are many historical stories of birds symbolize peace and this history was the inspiration for me to write my poem.
In this poem I tried to show the difference of the world’s situation between now and few years back. I related the identity of peace to birds. The bird represents the peace that changed around the world. These days peace is a lost concept that most of the countries lack. At the beginning of the poem I explained how peace can be found in some places and it also can be lost in others because of humans’ irritation and aggression. While in the second part, I describe the strength of peace and how it spreads happiness and life in wherever it occurs.
Moreover, I emphasize in this poem on the idea that nothing ever remains the same. All situations must change for a reason. Peace can occur in a place for a period of time, but in our world it can never be permanent. Humans control the world but the selfishness of the human being is the reason behind the temporary situation of peace in all the countries. Power, wealth, and dignity are the main purpose for people to damage this world and get their own benefits.
Finally, in this poem I chose the bird as a symbol of “Peace”. Behind this poem is a message that I wanted to reveal to make people value the importance of peace in our world.
May Madi, a 21 year old girl from Palestine. She is third year student who is studying architecture in the American University in Dubai. She was born and raised in Dubai. She started writing poems in the age of 15. She inherited this talent from her parents.

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