Saturday, December 12, 2015

الهائم / Al Haem



My Art work “الهائم / Al Haem” is an abstract figure of a whirling dervish.  The figure is 9 cm long, made of only white clay and painted. The figure is placed on a black board and verses of a Sufi poem are written on the board with a golden marker. 

Through this art work I meant to express my appreciation of the relationship Sufis have with God, one that is based on love and only love. Freeing oneself from every regulation and worshiping God just to get closer to him.

Moreover, I want to emphasize on the several values the Sufi dance provides us with, such as, tolerance, peacefulness, humility, and most importantly love. 

Also, the verses of poetry written on the black board are from the poem “In the love of Allah" by Rabia’a Al Adawiya who is definitely one of the main mystics and poets who inspired me. 

يا سروري ومنيتي وعمادي
وأنيسي وعدتي ومرادي 
أنت روح الفؤاد أنت رجائي
أنت لي مؤنس وشوق كزادي

I should also mention that the poetry workshop we had last week strongly inspired me in order to have a better idea of what I want to do.

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