Sunday, December 6, 2015

Peace - As Salamu Alaykum


The title of my artwork is “Peace”. For my project, I will be using three techniques; sketching, calligraphy, and coloring.
At a first glance at the artwork, one can see two hands of two different people greeting each other. Only the hands of these people show (one cannot see who these people are). However one notices that each person has a different skin tone. This part of the artwork is done using the sketching technique. On the top of the page there is written “As-salamu alaykum” in Arabic, using the calligraphy technique. Below the drawing, a translation in English, which is “Peace be upon you”.
The concept of my artwork is the focus on deconstructing the stereotypes about Islam. The world we live in, especially today, views Muslims as terrorists and as backward people, contrary to the true meaning of what being Muslim is. The most common phrase used by Muslims is “As-salamu-alaykum” and this fact itself is enough to prove anyone who thinks Islam is a religion of violence. 

Another issue this drawing tackles is that Islam is a religion that does not know color. Thus the different skin tones I chose.  

The artist who inspired me is El Seed. He is a Tunisian artist who promotes calligraphity. The messages that he conveys and the creative ways in which he conveys them is something worth being inspired from. He produces his artwork on the walls of mosques, and so much more. His international impact is what catches my eye. He has done artwork all over the place! From Melbourne to Toronto to London and to Paris, he is everywhere. This man is someone to look up to because he actually has achieved something only a few can. He integrated the traditional calligraphy with the contemporary graffiti and gives out powerful messages using his technique.


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