Sunday, December 6, 2015

Poetry and Peace


Art is a very broad term, which can be interpreted in many different ways. Some people draw, some paint, the few that remain have the task of finding out what they do best. On the journey of creating this artwork I have found out many things, and aspects about myself. The simple task of drawing and painting doesn’t bring me joy. Poetry, on the other hand, does help me relax. Writing it is taken as a challenge, where I think long and hard, and try me best to help surface my true feelings in order to make the poetry as honest as possible.

This project reveals many aspects about myself. Serenity and composure is reveled by the background of the desert. The intricate choice of words helps let the true beauty of Arabic shine. The words of wisdom found in the beginning two verses only seem to define what is wrong with the world today. In addition, the verses that come after only serve as a mere confirmation of the words of wisdom. As doubt serves as a basis of irrational decisions and behavior; its counter, certainty acts as its deterrent in the real world.

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