Sunday, November 29, 2015

Peace, a Word from a Merciful God


For my final project, I chose the theme Islamic peace and unity, expressing how Islam is a peaceful and understanding religion. Therefore, I have decided to create a calligraphic art piece using a verse from the Qur'an.

At first I started off my research for my final piece by searching for a verse from the Qur'an. After a lot of search and understanding I have decided to choose a verse that says, “سلام قولا من رب رحيم". This then translates to, “peace, a word from a merciful lord. {36:58}". In other words, this verse explains that peace is one of God's most mentioned and desired words.

The medium I have decided to use for this project is ink. I have chosen this specific medium because, in my opinion when the ink spreads and blends into each other it represents unity, which also represents a main part of my theme. When I first came up with this idea, I then searched for more artists to learn more about the technique and get a good end result; but one artist that really stood out and inspired me is Marion Bolognesi. Marion is a New York Based artist who graduated from Massachusetts College of art and design in Boston. Marion is known for her amazing female figure paintings using very calm and peaceful colors such as many different shades of pink, nude and blue. Moreover, for the verse I chose, I will be representing it onto my canvas by covering parts of the canvas using masking tape to keep the ink away from coming onto it, and leaving its space as white. In case any of the ink came onto the parts of the verse, my backup plan is to cover it up by using white acrylic paint. I will be using either the diwani or riqaa font for the verse.

In conclusion, my painting represents my theme of Islamic peace and unity by having the verse talking about peace and the ink which represents freedom and unity where the colors blend into each other the same way where in countries we live in, even though it is an Islamic country it accepts all people of all religions and races.

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