Sunday, November 22, 2015

Islam: Light in the Darkness


Dimensions: 3543x1772 pixels (WxH) / Resolution: 300 pixels/inch
Media: Digital (Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop)
Technique and Style: Two main type used - 
Text Portrait/ Typography Portrait          


As the name suggests (Islam: Light in the Darkness), through my artwork and in light of all the misunderstandings existing against the Islamic religion, I want everyone to see and understand and be open to embracing the true meaning of Islam and what it stands for. To that extent, I have used a digital media to convey this message with hopes of reaching a larger audience pool and having a better chance of being accepted. Also, I acknowledge that the digital media provided a wide scope for improvisation and innovation as compared to other medias. One of the things I have learned from this Islamic Art and Architecture class is the importance of text and typography. I understand, although not fully the complete magnitude of either of them in developing and communicating in the times past and even today. As such, I have used them in a digital environment in my artwork. One of my main objective for this artwork was to not loose focus of the past, but come up with something that would also resonate with the present and hopefully the future.

Islam, is one of the oldest if not the oldest religions to have guided the world and mankind. Over the years there have been a number of misconceptions and misunderstanding about the Faith. Primarily, that it promotes terrorism and subdues women. Just like any religion in the world, Islam does not encourage nor tolerate violence either in spirit or word; both against its own or people from other faith. Another major misconception I hope to clear through this artwork is that of the repression or oppression of women in Islam. While people around the world may think, by wearing a hijab or not being allowed to consume alcohol and the likes, the woman of the faith are being denied equality when compared to their western counterparts. I have used the image/portrait of Malala Yousufzai, Pakistani human rights activist, in hopes of conveying to the viewer that no one can suppress or oppress anyone’s rights. Everyone has them and it is upto each of us to fight for and consume them with respect. Malala is a beacon for everyone around the world, not only Muslims. She is a prime example for all those blindly say Islam oppresses women. Ever since the attempt on her life, she has been an even vocal advocate for human rights and education. She has been rewarded around the world and her words are heard by both muslims and non-muslims alike. This shows that Islam as a religion is not against equality or for the oppression of women. Because, if it were it wouldn’t have encouraged and accepted the words and the fighting spirit of Malala.
Apart from this, there are numerous examples of Muslim female poets and artists around the world over the centuries.

I am Ajaesh Raj. Third year business student pursuing a major in Marketing Communications. I have interests in digital media and communication. Also, human rights causes are another of areas that influence and resonate deeply with me.


References: the Professor's blog.

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