Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Allah is Peaceful

By Fatmaalzahrah Abusief

For my artwork project I decided to divide a board into four squares and write 4 of the 99 names of Allah into those squares. I decided to apply what we learned in class about square kufi calligraphy and implement it into my artwork. 
The tools used in my project are colored markers and paint. 
The title of my artwork speaks about the theme of the project, and it is “Allah is peaceful”. Using kufi square calligraphy I wrote: “” and “الرحمان”. This idea was inspired by the currents events, specifically what happened in Paris, France. After the terrible events that occurred in Paris, people were quick to blame Muslims and Islam for these terrorist actions. However, Islam is a peaceful religion that does not encourage murdering innocents. In the Islamic religion there is no greater than God; therefore, I decided to use Allah to prove that Islam is a peaceful religion. There are 99 names that are used to refer to/ describe Allah, and each name has a different meaning. The names I choose to use in this project are names that I believe to symbolize peace. The fact that Allah’s names mean/symbolize “peace” should be proof enough that this is not a religion driven by hatred.

الرحمان - The merciful
الرحيم - The Beneficent or The Generous
التواب - The guide to Repentance
الغفور - The Forgiving

All of these names are factors that play a role in accomplishing peace. 

I was inspired visually by an Image of a portrait that I saw while scrolling through Pintrest.

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